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A Guide on how to avoid buying Fake Diesel jeans online and on eBay.  

*Please note, this guide was written in July 2007 and some information may now be outdated.

This guide is only intended for people who want to purchase authentic Diesel jeans

The chances are high that you will encounter other replica or imitation brand names at some point as well.

Fake, counterfeit, variant or replica Diesel jeans and many other brand name products are a huge problem in general. Everyone loses in the long run because the basis of counterfeiting is deceit. We don't really know what we are buying, how long it will last, or if it has been tested. It is becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between real and fake products, but the quality of fakes will always be compromised.

Real--> <--Fake

Why are fakes sold on the eBay? Designer Denim Jeans are a huge market, and it stands to reason that some less than reputable sellers would try to cash in on it by selling fakes. If you're looking for authentic Diesel Jeans, especially on eBay, it's best to play it safe...

"Black market" fakes are not made by the actual company, instead they are manufactured by companies usually in Asia who do not have the rights to produce them. They are illegal to make and distribute.

Some fake Diesel's are very close reproductions in looks, but not in physical attributes and quality. In fact, the quality is terrible! I once saw a pair of fakes sold on eBay for AUD $400.00!

You can get some fantastic deals online, but you should always do some research before purchasing.  


How do you tell if they are real or fake?

Fabric Quality
Authentic Diesel jeans use an extremely good quality denim. Some styles have a smooth elastic feel. Fake Diesel jeans often have a thicker, rougher denim which is low quality.

Inside the Diesel jeans on the sizing label, it will say 'Made in Italy'. Just below this, there is silverish white stitching that needs to be inspected carefully. Look closely and an Authentic pair will actually say 'Diesel' in the microstitching. You may need a magnifying glass, but it is pictured below.
Note: Older authentic Diesel jeans made before about 2003 do not have this micro-stitching.

Small Numbers
Look above Indian head on the jean size label. Just above the Head, you should see very faint hard to read numbers as pictured below.


Distress and rip marks
Authentic Diesel jeans are hand-distressed while fakes are typically created by machine. Due to this, fake jeans distress marks may appear less-realistic and more like scratches or precise rips.

Authentic Diesel Jeans do not come in Plastic Poly bags. The pair below is sealed in a poly bag and is a definate fake.


Before you buy Diesel Jeans online or on eBay, here are some suggestions to look out for:

  • Always check the seller's feedback. Surprisingly it can sometimes be 100% positive. Do not rely solely on feedback to help you decide if a product is authentic or not. However, look closely for Neutral and Negative feedback comments.
  • You should always read the description and shipping terms carefully. Quite often they will state them to be authentic when the reality is they have no idea. If they are being shipped from Asia....Buyer Beware! If they are not stated as authentic, ask the seller a question.
  • Be very cautious who you purchase from and don't be afraid to ask questions to the seller about authenticity. It sounds elementary, but you may be surprised at the responses you receive. A naive seller may still tell you they are authentic simply because they were 'assured' they were real by the counterfeiter.
  • If the price seems far too good to be true then it probably is.
  • If you are lucky enough to even receive the jeans, you are going to be seriously disappointed. Although the look of some fake Diesel jeans is getting better, the quality remains the same which is horrendous. Beauty is only skin deep.
  • There are some awesome deals on eBay, I want a good deal and value for money regardless of the amount paid. However I put a premium on value for money. If it is a fake, then I am the loser! Please be aware that there are far too many fakes and really not many genuine and authentic Diesel Jeans and shoes. I also realize that there are some people who don't really care if they buy fakes as long as the jeans look good.
  • Although eBay has a strong policy against selling fake items, it is almost impossible to regulate because of the enormous amount of items that could be considered fake. If you are a victim of a fraudulent transaction, contact the seller immediately or report it to eBay and the appropriate authorities.

fake diesel

If you are still unsure if you have been ripped off, simply take the jeans to your local Diesel Jeans retailer and ask them to give their opinion.

This list is not exhaustive. Additional information can be found by typing "fake diesel jeans" into any search engine.

If you are thinking of importing Fake Diesel Jeans into Australia....Be Warned! This is a dangerous risk for Australian sellers and buyers if customs discovers them. The shipment can be seized and destroyed. The Diesel company will probably be notified, and you could possibly be fined and taken to the Federal Court.

We hope that this information will prove helpful to those of you who read it. If there is anything you feel we should add, please let us know. Hopefully you are now more equipped to recognize a scam and take your hard earned dollars elsewhere.


This site is not affiliated, associated or endorsed by the Diesel company.




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