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What costs are included in the price?

Your quoted price will include:

  US Sales taxes ( up to +8.25%)
  Australian G.S.T
  Paypal Fees (if applicable)
  Credit card charges to allow us to pay Nike 
  Credit card Exchange Rate
  International phone calls to Nike for manual workaround
  Repacking and Service Fee

The shipping cost includes:

  Shipping to our Melbourne Australia Office
  Ground Shipping to our USA Office
  Registered shipping from  Melbourne to your address in Australia


Example Quote: The Nike iD shoes you want are on the NikeID website for $115 USD.

You need to add the following costs:

Product Price: USD$115.00 +
8.25% Sales Tax: USD$9.50 +
Ground Shipping: USD$12.00

Total cost price from NikeID = USD$136.50

Shipping to Australia (Approx.) USD$50.00

Total: USD$186.50 

Then we divide by the current exchange rate: 0.71 cents (- July 2016) and add our service and local shipping fees.

When you have designed your shoes and copied the link from the Nike ID site, please send an email to us.

Please enter your name, Nike ID shoe style, and size as the Subject so we have a reference for your design. Then just right click and paste the link you copied in the body of the email and hit send.

*Please only share the design when it is 100% complete and only email it once. Sending your design multiple times can cause errors as Nike creates a new unique Design ID number each time.


Your very own customised Nike ID design has now been emailed to us and we have a record of your Nike Design ID Number with your name as a reference.

You will receive a reply shortly with a quote and payment options.  

If you have any questions, please use this form:

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Shoe Size Conversion Chart - Australia  

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