Taxify Happy Hour - 25% off

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Taxify Happy Hour - 25% off

Post by Rider1 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:05 pm

Looks like Taxify is getting desparate, I just received this email as a Taxify passenger:
Hi xxxxx,

Happy Hour is now live!

We are introducing our newest feature to Melbourne, known as Happy Hour! That means you'll get 25% cheaper rides during certain hours, excluding tolls and fees. confetti_ball

Simply look for Happy Hour order button and click "Request Happy Hour" to lock in your discounted fare price.

NB! You will not need to enter a special promo code. wink

Dynamic pricing

This week we have also introduced dynamic pricing.

This means that the fares at particular times and in particular areas can rise or fall slightly due to demand and supply indicators. You will be notified on the app that "Prices are currently higher due to high demand" and shown the corresponding multiplier, before making a request.

We hope you have a terrific week.

Taxify Melbourne
Just hope you can find a willing driver to pick you up!

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