Ola Cabs Launch in Perth WA. 10 Free Rides (10 x $30)

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Ola Cabs Launch in Perth WA. 10 Free Rides (10 x $30)

Post by Street Sense » Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:58 am

Ola Cabs Launch in WA. 10 Free Rides (10 x $30)

Ola Cabs in Perth W.A. has got a new launch promotion. You can get 10 free rides up to $30 each for the next 7 days. Bear in mind, Ola will also have surge pricing just like Uber.

The brand new ride sharing service Ola has launched in Perth this week. The driver's also like the look of Ola as they only get charged 7.5% commission for the fare unlike Ubers 20-25%, So it's fairer for the drivers efforts.

I received an email so it may be targeted but hopefully others can take advantage of this offer.

1. You can avail the offer only in cases where your ride value is up to $30. If your ride value is more, the ride will be charged to your card as per the normal rate card
2. You have a maximum of 10 free rides that you can use within 7 days, starting today
3. Offer valid only for users receiving communication from Ola
4. Ola reserves the right to modify/withdraw the offer at its sole discretion

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